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11.19.2012 , 02:03 PM | #3
That stormcaller tank give a lot of tanks issues, so don't feel as if your the only one. one thing that'd make your life easier is to make sure you have both the DPS on SC guarded. Second as an assassin, you should have an easier time than the other tanks you do generate more threat than juggys or powertech's. DO NOT use your taunt to start(been noticing this from a lot of tanks as of late) go in get your 3 stacks built up hit your overcharged saber and recklessness followed by force lighting then single taunt. At this point the threat you built along with what ever the dps has done it should put you far enough up the board that you shouldn't lose it again for the rest of the fight. To be extra sure after swinging the turret over for the dps to take DD hit your AoE taunt. At this point you should be good for the rest of the fight. Throw in taunts from time to time (you can see the turret jerk towards the dps if your starting to lose it)