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Just a question: What is keyboard turning? Also, Does Carnage for example being harder to play than rage means that Carnage has more potential?
Keyboard turning: using your S+D keys to turn your toon. Most people use W to move forward, then control direction with the mouse...which is a much more responsive way to play. "Keyboard turners" are considered noobs.

Carnage has the best single target burst in the game. A full rotation will take just about anyone down. The problem is pulling it off, because if you get stunned or interrupted, most of your damage potential just went out the window. You have to play Carnage very carefully unless you have a pocket healer. Pick targets who are already stunned or engaged in a fight with someone else so you can get your rotation off. It's kind of like a pseudo-stealth class where you need to be selective with who you engage.

Carnage works best on a coordinated team. It can be difficult to play in PUGs.