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11.19.2012 , 01:19 PM | #15
Omg thank god I stumbled upon this thread! This happened to me a couple of days ago and I asked in general chat on the fleet and people thought I was turning crazy :-( I just started a healing commando and picked up Armortech so I could make my own armour and then produce armour for my future Imperial Agent. Made some swanky boots (win) and equipped them. Carried on crafting, logged out for the night, next morning i picked up where I left off and had none of my blue schematics, easily must of had about five....

I reversed engineered another item and got the blue version of it, but the recipe never showed up in my crafting list either. I haven't come across a fix, but I know I have made a blue version as I'm wearing the boots at the moment ;-)

Just looked again and I originally bought the Fortified Boot and Heavy Military Boot recipes when I picked up the crew skill and now the Fortified Boot recipe no longer appears in my crafting window and shows up in the trainers window, but I know 100% I bought it originally.

So I was going through my Armortech again and it happened to me. I haven't logged off this time, have just been doing PVP whilst crafting and now all the blue schematics I gained by reverse engineering have disseapred >.< This is seriously putting me off crafting until the situation is resolved. I'm just waiting credits and time when what I have acquired no longer appears there, so I am basically just running around in circles. Hope Bioware seriously fix this quickly as it is a game breaker for those of us who spend time crafting.

I've just submitted a ticket about this issue after losing about 3 hours worth of crafting :-(