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You clearly didn't read and/or comprehend what I wrote. Go back and try again.
Yes, you said ONLY Operator IX is easier on 16 ... not according to my experience. And the whole "16 being harder" certainly does not pertain to EC HM, Kephess HM being the case in point.

For instance, please tell me why Writhing Horror 16 HM is harder than 8 ... you do realize you still get two debuffs to dispel, right?

So, yeah, stop making absolute statements because at this point you are just butthurt Bioware does not pat you on the back for doing 16. You do realize they've stated 16 man Ops are supposed to be easier by default, right? I am not saying they are (this is certainly not true for EC NiM or the last boss of TFB HM), but I am saying whining here will grant you absolutely nothing from a company that has a totally different philosophy than you.