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Agreed. I think they have scaling issue, as in with lesser gear they are incredibly weak, but at the top end of gear their single target heals are the quickest and most powerful by far of the 3 healers - it's not uncommon to score 5k Rapid Scans with only 1.7 cast time - with the shield up my record is 7k. They are also the most difficult healer to kill when min/maxed for power as the Trauma Probe/Kolto Shell will be healing for massive amounts (I'm not entirely min-maxed yet but it can crit for 1k+ and be double-procced with Rapid shots).

In rated WZs, it's usually acknowledged that focus firing a Merc/commando healer is a waste of time and resources in many situations because of their incredible survivability - it's better to simply CC them and burst down their squishier teammates.
Yeah, I can confirm that the class has a high gear curve. Most people don't realize that Bacta Infusion actually becomes almost as potent as Medic Probe late on the curve -- so most people don't bother taking it at all. And Kolto Bomb can hit upwards of 3k when fully geared on a crit, and Trauma Probe should be critting damn near 1k. But that's all late on a curve that I think is probably the steepest learning curve for any of the healers.

If I had one thing to change about Merc healing it wouldn't actually be utility or escape tools, though a Jet Disengage would be really handy. While our DPS counterparts definitely need both of those, Merc healers seem to be balanced around their sheer healing output and sturdy defense, so I would give us a 3rd "redundant" cast-time heal that we can use in case Healing Scan and Rapid Scan are both interupted. Sort of like how Ops can use Kolto Infusion to bait an interrupt, or perhaps some other improvement to our heat management.
I agree alot with this. I've always understood Combat Medic's "escape mechanic" to be their durability. If you aren't going to be able to escape you better be able to soldier through it and survive. I see balance there.

A third-casted heal, even if it were weaker than Advanced Medical Probe, would be nice just because against any competent team, your two main heals (Medical Probe/Advanced Medical Probe or Rapid Scan/Healing Scan) will be on lockout forcing you to rely on a 6-second cooldown and an 18-second cooldown. What would be better is if it also made a stack of Field Triage and you allow two stacks of it to be active at a time. That way you can reduce the cost of Medical Probe by 2 if you are willing to spend the additional time setting up. Other than that, I'd love to see the global cooldown of Bacta Infusion lowered to 18s (the 4-set bonus remains the same bringing the CD down to 15s) and allow Bacta Infusion to refund 1 ammo on use.
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