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Some folks in other threads have said they've had an name change flag on their account erroneously; they were able to re-enter the existing name just fine when they clicked to log in. So, might be worth trying that just to see?
I tried that, and it did not work What I have not tried is saying nasty things about SWToR:

BioWare, SWToR is a bad a game. I don't even know why I play.
  • The graphics are awful. The men need bigger chins and biceps, and the women need bigger b3wbz and no fat option. Have you never played Dead or Alive? It's called art!
  • You don't have leader-boards for me to exploit and have a massive ridiculous score just to show off my name, "B10W4R3_BL0WZ".
  • You don't have Kill Cams.
  • You don't have voice chat for me to make fun of 11 year old British Kids.
  • You're game is so talky! If I wanted to watch a movie then I would go to a movie theater!
  • The voice acting is atrocious. I wish you would have just left in the original Japanese voice overs.
  • The game probably had the buggiest launch in MMO history. World of Warcraft shut down it's servers for 5 days after its launch, because they cared about their customers. You could learn a thing or five from Anarchy Online,
  • Age of Conan, or Final Fantasy XIV.
  • The music in the game is terrible. Where's the drop?
  • The combat system needs a major overhaul. There are too many buttons to press. You should keep it down to fast attack and slow attack.

Look at what you made me do BioWare. Now, go clean your self up!