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That being said, it's not about sightseeing (I pride myself on my raidwide situational awareness, I keep an eye on everything around me while tanking, constantly moving my camera while hitting my keys and binds) so much as once you know the mechanics, someone dying or a wipe can easily be discerned.
no clue about tanks, don't play one. However as a dps I can pretty much tell you what everyone is doing in the fight. However as a healer my awareness ends at everyones health bars and making sure I stay out of AoEs. I will park myself near something CC'ed so I can yell out if it breaks, but my job is keeping people on their feet.

It is one of the reasons I like to DPS (and one day tank these fights too), to completely understand these fights I have found dps has helped my role as a healer and vise versa. I know healing has made my mDPS better and is the reason my guild trust me on a alt mDPS on fights like NIM KP on Jarg. I know how to help out the healers by getting out of AoEs, using defensive cooldowns and interupts.

Still as a healer I am going to ask what happened when someone dies even when I know it was because they were over stacked or standing in spit. It is a nicer way of reinterating the problem than saying get out of the spit stupid. If that makes me a bad healer, then don't team up with me or give me the boot.