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My Sith Assassin

Name: Acusor
Age: 35
Race: Zabrak
Place of Orgin: Iridonia
Hair color: Dark Brown
Hair length: Short shoulder length
Eye color: Brown
Body type: Tall and thin
Height: 5'8
Weight: 100Lbs

The Republic

The Darkside
Fine Arts

Acusor is the grand father of the Hellion legacy. He was born to abusive parents on the planet of Iridonia where as a child he discovered that he found solace in his anger and would rely on his hatred to endure the savage beatings he received from his parents. On one particular day, his father Zethor beat his young son so badly that the rage that was brewing inside Acusor was unleashed in the form of Sith lightening to which he used to kill his parents. Shortly thereafter a envoy of Imperial forces landed on the planet looking for youngsters to be made slaves and sent to die at the Sith Academy on the planet Korriban Acusor tried to flee but was ultimately captured and sent to the academy. Upon arriving as a slave Acusor continued to use his anger to thwart other students and to complete his trials which caught the eyes of many Sith lords. Eventually through perseverance and a strong divinity to the dark side Acusor became one of the Empire's most powerful Sith lords and he used his mastery of the force to crush his enemies and at the same time have a extensive art collection.

The Hellion Legacy (Harbinger) The Duma Legacy (Shadowlands)
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