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Uhm... when do we get to the part where you make a valid point about MVP rerolling to vanguards?

I dunno Carthy, up until now I had a certain amount of respect for you. And I still do. You're a good player, but your attitude seems to... how to say it... piss people off.
I think what he's trying to say is that he doesn't want more people rolling his PT's spec because he somehow thinks it's *his*?

Who *********** cares. Let people play what classes they want to play. If you don't like it or think it's lame, play a class that can beat it. Simple as that. Or, to make life simpler for the rest of us, quit the game

A bit more on topic, in regards to the bubble stun; can people please stop whining about it in general / PvP / say chat channels? It's becoming increasingly annoying. If you think it is broken and (apparently) BioWare are aware that it isn't working the way they intend it to, then take the consolation in the fact that it will be fixed soon. Don't abuse players for using the spec to their advantage.
There is nothing stopping people on BOTH factions from doing it. You can't tell someone not to use a completely valid class spec when people in your own guilds (or, for that matter, FACTION) are not willing to do the same.

I mean come on, that's essentially like saying "Oh hey guys, we don't have anyone on the Imperial faction who specs hybrid Tank Assassin anymore, so, you Republic guys aren't allowed to anymore, k thx bai"..

If anything, versing players who are spec'd into the bubble stun helps you grow as a PvPer because it makes you devise new tactics to take players down that perhaps you wouldn't normally use or have even thought of trying.

That's just my input.
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