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Peace Folks!

I searched the forums adn the FAQ to F2P, but found no answer concerning the FP restrictions for F2P/Preferred Players.
It is stated that F2P players can only loot/participate in 3 FPs a week. WHat exactly does this entail? I have specific questions concerning this:
As a F2P player
1) can i run FPs indefinatedly, or can I only participate 3 times a week? "run" means follow through the story, have dialog, social poinst, light/darkside choices etc. NO LOOT of green/prototype/artifact quality. E.G I pass every loot roll besides grey/white equipment.
2) When exactly is the counter 3 FP per week reduced? I participate? I hit need/greed on an item role? I win an item?
3) Does 3 mean three items won? 3 roles on need/greed? 3 runs on a flashpoint where i select at least 1 time need/greed?
4) Could I therefore run a FP indefinetedly, when I do not select need/greed? If yes, F2P players could establish a "now I get every item" policy: You form a group and everyone passes except on of the F2P. The rerun and another gets the items etcetc.
5) What about trade? One can trade the items aquired in a FP if it is not equipped for 2hours I think. So if I did not hit need, I could still get the item via trade. Does this reduce the counter as well?

6) I think there was something more, which I forgot, will update when I remember.
If someone of PTS or a dev (^^) has an answer to this I would be most greatful!