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11.19.2012 , 08:00 AM | #1
We have had the following happen a couple of times, would like to know if this has happened to anybody else.

Two players (A, B) are a particular color, say blue. They have agreed that Player A will do the first blue deletion, and Player B the second one. Blue deletion comes up on a different player (C), so Player A does color deletion on player 'C'. Now, next time Blue deletion comes up, it will be Player B's turn to do the deleting. Later on in the fight, blue deletion comes up again, except this time, it is on Player 'B' (blue deletion for Player B even though he is blue!). Player 'B' cannot self delete their own color, so that player dies.

This happened to us two times, one time each on two different nights.

Is this a bug, bad RNG, or something else?