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Not even sure why these threads exist. is it just one or two people who continually are trying to push this idea?

Vengeance is fine. Immortal needs 10x more attention then Vengeance does. Vengeance works, and did work. Rage didn't really, hence why they fixed it. Immortal needs more work then both of them put together. we now have a PvP oriented tree, we do not need 2. appreciate the OP's effort though, it's obvious he wants Vengeance to be as viable as Rag now for PvP...but I don't think it's going to happen.
Lolwut? It was one of the best PvP DPS specs even before 1.4. Vigilance outperformed it in PvE but Rage/Focus was viable even there. Now it's as good or even better than Vigilance in PvE and there's no contest when it comes to PvP.

Immortal/Defense does need some work, true. But the first change they should do is rolling back Rage/Focus to 1.3. They can keep the instant damage from Smash, that was a necessary fix. The rest was over the top. Roll it back and Vigilance/Vengeance won't seem that weak.