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11.19.2012 , 07:23 AM | #1
Please remember you aren't a one man recking ball, and with it being a team event you don't have to be.

Even if you aren't worrying about the ball in huttball or taking the flags or whatever how about trying some of these tips out to enjoy it that bit more....

-attack someone who is already under attack (thus increasing effectiveness)
-attack healers (or those with markers on first, as no doubt they are there for a reason and are players considered most dangerous to your team)
-dont' be afraid to stun and run (if you become seperated from the pack don't let that stealther simply stay out of the main area and pick your team off one at a time, make them come back and get involved with the rest)....grenades could help if necessary and theyre cheap on the GTN.

Relax and enjoy it but most of all, try working with people, you don't have to ask permission to help them take their opponent down and im sure they'll be glad of it in fact.

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