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11.19.2012 , 06:45 AM | #28
We need someone to look at these for healers too

the Dread Guard Boundless Ages relic is really nice. Most of the descriptions of this item are wrong across the net, it has +47 static power now. If you augment it with a power augment you are only giving up 38 static power to the Battlemaster Relic and in return you are getting +350 clicky power that lasts 30 seconds on a 2 min cooldown

I think coupled with a WH pvp relic this is BIS?

I ran HM TfB last night with a Triage Adrenal and this new Power Relic and when I double trinketed my innervate crits were hitting near 2500 and my Reviv crits were near 1000 on everyone. Solid stuff.