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Now don't take this the wrong way, but I gotta post this video. It's kinda what came to mind when I saw that segment. If you have a sense of humour, you'll get it.

If you actually capped afterwards, good for you. I'll believe you, don't waste bandwidth on proving me wrong.
And I apologise if I came on with the wrong foot, I just have a sort of weakness to this type of video of people showing off PvP sk1llz. It's very likely that you would roll me with 60% HP left, and I don't exactly have enough pride to feel offended, but that's a story for another time.

I just went on ahead and posted my thoughts, of what actually was interesting for me. The push was pretty cool, and you have to say that. Maybe it was luck, maybe it was skill, but it was just as cool as a sage rescuing a teammate from the pits of a voidstar in a split second. Maybe your kiting did help the node, maybe it didn't. Maybe your team was already inbound to it, maybe they weren't. But from what I saw in that video, what you showed the public, it gives off the wrong vibes. Maybe I should just give credit for your survival instincts, because I would have likely given up(most likely because my longest stun is 4 seconds) and once my CDs are blown, I don't have much choice in matters such as.

And dear Carthy. I know I'm not a good player, and I never said I was. There are a million and a half people on Dalborra that will roll me into the ground while playing on an iPod Nano. Even so, I believe I'm at least better than average, and it's probably why you remembered my name, taking full hits from Lycaon's ravage.
Just as you said, sometimes there's nothing you can do about being burned. You just gotta take it.
oh you probably misunderstood my purpose of the vids too, it all started when someone in the pvp forums went that , there was no viable spec for mercs, and i went challenge accepted and speced pyro, it was a masochistic move on my part, the first vid got some attention and people kept asking me to make more so i did xD and for this one since i thought it was filmed in dalborra i thought id share it with you guys ^^, im not by any means putting any player down.
The video is all just for fun!