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I want to know if I missed something that will make me a better healer the next time through. If I wasn’t at fault then at least the person explaining it is talking to me and hopefully the person that made the mistake is listening/reading and will correct that error next time. I have seen people go from around 100% health to zero, so I want to know what I can do to make myself better prepared to handle that kind of damage.
For starters if someone goes from 100% to 0% it means they screwed up, not you.

That being said, it's not about sightseeing (I pride myself on my raidwide situational awareness, I keep an eye on everything around me while tanking, constantly moving my camera while hitting my keys and binds) so much as once you know the mechanics, someone dying or a wipe can easily be discerned.

I.E. During this phase if you don't do X you die, someone dies during that phase, obviously they didn't do X and died. I can forgive a person if they never did it before, but after one wipe you shouldn't be making the same mistakes and should be able to recognize why someone dies during a specific phase near instantly.
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