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OK, so I filled this out...
I am a bit surprised by what it wants me to do...
I left the game about 5 months ago, recently came back. My tank suit was fairly inline at the time I left, but I thought I had put too much focus on HP over defense.Half of my augments are just AIM/Endurance.

The Min/Maxer inside me is never happy, I had always assumed I should remove the Endurance augments, and pick pure defensive stat augments. My line of thinking is It does not matter how big my health pool is in long boss fights, I need to make the overall amount of healing per second that I need lower. A larger health pool will never help that.

Yet this tells me I need 100 more endurance and 100 less defense chance?!?! Sorry, I have a hard time accepting this would help me, whats your thoughts?

I am in full campaign now, working on the new level of gear. We cleared the newer raid, and killed Toth/Zorn on Nightmare mode tonight. But Its a struggle, and I feel like I can optimize my tank suit quite a bit more.

I have like ~200 Black hole comms, Im saving up for the implant I guess... but some people tell me new higher endurance armoring are now available for purchase. So I may hold off on spending those until I get a few new pieces of armor, and then fill in the armoring in the drops that I do not get soon.
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