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11.19.2012 , 04:17 AM | #92
Name of server: The Red Eclipse
Name of character(s) affected: All, most recently: Lykara and Kylessa
Frequency of crashing how many crashes, how often?: Completely random, the longest I've been able to play is about 40 minutes while the shortest was a CTD during login, before the Character Section Screen appeared!
Additional information about crash triggers, etc: looting corpses and containers; speaking to quest givers; speaking to vendors; using Quick Travel; even just moving!

My DXDiag exceeds the 50,000 character post limit on it's own, so I cannot include it, therefoe I am splitting my DXDiag into 2 seperate posts, hopefully following this post!

My reliability report:

This was a Crash to Desktop, I was playing the game when the sound stuttered briefly, the game froze for about 3 seconds and then I was looking at my desktop and the game had closed. No error messages appeared.

Additionally, in the last 5 hours I've experienced approximately 15 CtD's, 3 BSOD's and 2 complete game/system lockup's that required a hard reboot to recover! This is pretty much standard since the release of the 1.5 patch, the game has not been this bad for me since the first couple of months after release almost a year ago.

EDIT: Since posting this I've had several more CTD's (and 2 BSOD's) while playing. I'd guess that I'm getting an average play time of around 15-20 minutes.
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