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11.19.2012 , 03:37 AM | #3142
I'm going to tread with some serious care here.

First off, I want to say, again, that this game is not for kids. It has the rating that it does for a reason. If a parent feels their child is too young to understand homosexuality, then they are too young for this game. Violence and cruelty are easier to explain from what I've been told, but that doesn't mean that LGBT content should change the rating system. In fact, the ratings won't once SGRAs go Live.

In the US, the game is given the "T" rating for Violence, Blood and Gore, Mild Language & Sexual Themes. The ESRB does not consider LGBT content a reason to give the game a higher rating. They've even said that homosexual romance content is not treated any different from heterosexual romance content when it comes to the rating system.

In Europe, The Pan European Game Information rating system is quite similar to the one used in the US by the ESRB. According to the PEGI, this game is rated 16+ for realistic looking violence, with sexuality not even mentioned. For more information about PEGI, check out their website here and here for all PEGI ratings related to the Old Republic line of games.

Secondly, the players in this gaming thread are not in the best position to offer RL advice on how to handle such talks with children. This isn't such a place as it is a "T" for Teen video game forum board. This is a thread asking for clarity on the murky information given to us by EA/BW specifically.

There should be some really excellent sites out there to help parents talk to their kids about topics such as this. The best advice I can personally give is that if it feels like blind hate coming from the kids(like with that lovely word that's slang for a cigarette,) a parent needs to sit them down and explain why hating people without meeting them is wrong and as well as how slurs can really hurt someone. As far as any peer pressure goes, that I can't help with, other than to suggest talking to the other parents if possible.

Enough with the insults please. We're all adults here, at least in theory. Don't belittle us, I won't belittle you (you as a general term.) There is more than just a handful of people that want this content. I can send you the links from the incarnations of this thread going back to January and there is certainly more than 300 people.

Also, please ease up on the whole, "Rainbow" stuff guys. It'll just start a crap fest throwing around more so than it has. Even those that oppose this content are pointing that out, and it's a reasonable point in this case. Many of us are frustrated, pissed off and defensive on both sides of this.

I can completely agree about why the defensive nature exists in the thread and there has been some great explanations for it as well. Just try to remember (by everyone in general) insults by supporters aren't cool either, and things are tense enough.

My goodness I hope EA/BW releases some info soon. Those that hate it and those that want this content need to know what's going on. If they think this debating and fighting here and there is bad, this is nothing compared to down the road, when SGRs hit (hopefully in 1.6) They need to address the players now more than ever. Just wish they'd stop being so fearful of it, especially after the recent LGBT article about EA.