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In your 20's you finally start getting some skills that boost what you can do. By the 40s you feel like a dynamic player that regularly dominates the board and you get pissed at the noobs to lose the game by not playing to objectives.

Then you hit 50.
And you realize your skill isn't as great as you think and for the first time everybody's gear isn't buffed to the same level.
lol, class comment. So true, although I started PVPing with my main at level 50, and yes learned the hard way, but with Valor 83 now, so was worth it even if sometimes you get crushed by the elite WH geared pre-made groups from time to time.

Leveling up a healer Operative at present, loving it, is lvl 48, but I know what is waiting around the corner when I hit lvl 50 with it, but I am lucky to call upon the services of one of our other healing Operatives from the guild already in full hero to make sure this transition is not so painful :P, and is obviously part of our overall plan for the perfect group to do some pay back on some old foes. Good news is, I have acquired enough comms to get 2 WH bits of armor and not just the boots as well, certainly chest and possibly headgear or even WH weapon, and at least 1 maybe 2 Battlemaster when I hit 50. So although it will be the usual old struggle, it will not be as hard as it was with my main, and will have the support of the guildies, which is kinda key.