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The OP was quite right in their usage of the companion system. Companions were actually put into the game to be able to fill the role for a missing group member in either a Flashpoint or group quest.
You really need to watch the developer dispatch (2011) concerning companions...... and listen to Bioware's take on the companion system. Your comment's are so misplaced just based off that alone.
If the companions were not helping in deactivating the shield, alarms, and the EMP. Then they were clearly not intended to be of any help in that quest, aside from helping clear out the enemies. If they were meant to help with the puzzles, then they would do so. Just group up with random people to get it done, then be on your own way.

If the OP is against grouping with others to finish a mission, then it is not the developers fault. If companions were intended to fill out a group as you said, and I completely agree with that. Then the companions may as well take an active role in all dialogue options during group missions. I don't recall watching or hearing anything about the companions being intended to solve puzzles, if you would like to provide a source from Bioware stating that is one of their functions then I will take back what I have said.