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11.19.2012 , 02:57 AM | #49
I have a lvl 50 scoundrel full wh (scrapper) and healer-dps hybrid operative in WH on ToFN and I must say,that concealment and scrapper need either 5-10% bonus damage for pvp,15-20% bonus sustained damage for PVE and we need about 15% improvement on our shield probe to follow the residuals from massive gear improvement from the release to the point where the spell scale is just tipped.

Saying all that scrappers are fun to play and they don't got it nearly as bad as mercs and while possibly being the only true anti-class for marauders and sentinels we got it pretty good but only if you are BiS otherwise your burst is going to be so bad it won't be worth having and that's why everyone and their mother is playing healer,it's just easier and much less gear dependent.