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11.19.2012 , 02:15 AM | #1212
I have an idea that could help wit some of the server issues along with a few other issues that have arose due to the free to play option being instated.

1. I think that there should be a specific server/ servers for free to play player.
2. There should be an option for the paying players to join these servers. If they so choose.
3. The fact that some free to play players actually want to play the game and not mess around and antagonize
the paying players they should be given more cartel coins for being players.
4. I have been playing a while and when I hop onto my home server and find people RPing things they really shouldn't over general chat. It kinda makes me want to stop playing a bit. So my suggestion is have more mods in game.
5. Give the Paying players something, yes we got cartel coins but to be honest there are many different things that could be added for us. We have been playing for a while and have achieved a lot in game. We have fought for the right of each side. Jedi, Sith, Light or dark side. We have been playing and we deserve to have a little something more so to speak. Im not saying we need more, but I have suggested a lot of things that would be cool to see happen.
I did mean to turn this into a rant but at the same time it kinda needs to be. I know that some people agree with me and others don't I have no issues with that. Its all opinion, but when friends of mine are being booted from the server so people like me can play I really find that it is an issue. People want to play and I don't have any issues with that. I just think that everyone should get a fair chance.
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