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11.19.2012 , 01:12 AM | #112
what do you guys like to have for expertise on this build? i recently tried a 1390exp build... custom offhand armorings in belt and bracers... really felt like i was losing dps and gaining damage mitigation that was not needed compared with no pve stuff at all. one of my buddies insisted that full exp was the way to go and that his guild requires at least 1300exp for ranked. for me it seemed like my burst suffered badly stacking expertise.

on the other side i have put resolve 27 armorings in belt and bracers, even offhand too sometimes. and always power crystals. leaves me with 1156exp and a ton of bonus damage.

i think the power crystals are a must at least. it is interesting that they actually made the EWH armoring actually have better stats now so that may be worth keeping in the focus, too bad its slot bound.

shinarika recommended about 1100exp in her guide, but i think a big factor in that was that she used the black hole focus since there was no slotted version to optimize so perhaps around 1200 currently?

fully optimized wh and 2 power crystals gives me 1308exp. add in 2 27 armorings that is 1208... put one in offhand also and thats down to 1156.