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BIS gear now this is straight out the box gear no mods or augments changed or added . (what I mean by straight out the box is how it comes the gear can be improved by changing mods and such but I will go into that in another post this is just BIS gear as it drops.)

It is also worth to note that for balance sages the 2 set and 4 set bonuses are not the best the 2 set is not so bad as it helps greatly with the force management but the 4 set as a balance sage is alacrity and is not really needed almost everything is instant cast anyway. On the other hand the 2 set bonus from the PvP set is good so it is better to have both sets of two so you get the two, 2 set bonuses you don't need the gear just the armouring as the set bonus carries over as long as it's war hero or above gear.

2 set bonus PVE Reduce the cost of Tele throw by 2.

2 set bonus PVP Reduce the CD on mind crush by 1.5 sec and a 0.5% heal.
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