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1. Not giving the open-pvp players the option to go to a PvP server and forcing them to go to a PvE server is just going to piss them off and make them quit. So what dilution are you talking about when players ragequit?

2. What server community are you talking about when there is already none? What is the difference between a server community that is physically a merger of 3 former servers vs 3 servers sharing the same community? Doesn't make sense.
1/ Vast majority of players on Master D would be happy to play on a PVE server if it meant we had a decent pop. Many many posters have mentioned this.

2/ There is a very good and close community on Master D. Tiny? yes..but its there nevertheless.
You are talking about some people going to a west coast pvp server and some going to Dalborra (ie giving the players the option) this would split the community, hence my term dissipation...
Makes perfect sense..
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