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11.19.2012 , 12:10 AM | #1

I took my Assassin tank to NiM ec yesterday for the first time. Guild raid nights are sun/mon so we had to wait till yesterday to do this and it was quite fun.

I had 25.4k HP buffed, all arourings 61 except boots+chest+legs which were 63. 6 robust 27 mods, 2 robust 27b mods and 1 44 def mod. all enhancements were 61 (22 absorb 57 shield) 1 WH def relic and 1 WH shield relic.

25.4k hp
28.5 def
49.47 shield
63.4 absorb

First boss was 3 shotted, with the first wipe being due to someone forgetting the medpack. 2nd try we got them to < 20% and finally got it on the 3rd try. We have a lot of DPS in out group and had to wait arnd 10 sec to push them over before the fearful debuff wore off.

Tanking toth was a breeze as most of the time I was on him was during the red phase in which he keeps pounding the ground even if you are not there. rest was normal, more damage than HM which was expected.

Zorn was a bit of a bleh. The jump from toth would be times when I thought I was a goner. Used overcharge saber for extra health during that time. Also, if the jump was close, I would keep the harness stacks ready and use it at 1% before jump so maximise health at time of jump.

firebrand and storm were ok once we figured out what to do. Had a PT DPS taunt off me for incenerate so I was on firebrand all the time. Sometimes we messed up a bit and I ate incenerate and the attacks after. Most of the time the attack did no damage, although when they went through def and shield they left me at arnd 20% health. Once again overcharge saber+ harness stacks were helpful to give the healer an extra 2 secs to heal me up. We did hit enrage on fire for around 5-10 secs during which time i jumped off and taunted it, realized i cant hit it so jumped back on and used def adrenal and reckless+shock+ assassinate tog et him down, had only 2 dps alive with me and they both died to the last add that explodes.

3rd boss was mostly easy apart from when the turrets first come out. I was on the ground and the droids have no overload so we had one dps and me interrupting cleave and everyone else going max dps. had to position it properly to avoid raidwide cleave damage but it was mostly interrupted.

I was not out of range of the turrets once we got to the boss and took a few hits and realized they hit hard, and my DW would melt with 2 turrets and boss on me, but then re-positioned and it was cool.
on HM I prefer having the boss on he all the time, but I had to leave him of the other tank more often in Nightmare without the healers having to shout at me.

Will give the last boss a go today for a good 3 hours and will report on success or wipefest tomorrow.