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Quote: Originally Posted by Michka View Post
I get the feeling that your problems with Zanshiri are a lot more personal and drama whatnot than simply a spec issue
Not true, in fact from our side it appears she takes it alot more personally than intended. The problem with the blind talent has been well documented and frapsed/youtubed. She seems to take it as a personal slight against her when people are annoyed by it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Michka View Post
You have an extremely melee heavy team
We actually dont have a set team. We play when we can with the best we can. But we dont feel the need to make people play a specific class/playstyle simply because it's FoTM/OP at the current time. People play what they want to, and we have fun!
Quote: Originally Posted by Michka View Post
For example in one Novare Coast against you, Seis and I were guarding a node and he had a guard on me (Zanshiri was at a different node, so you can't complain about her bubbles in this situation.)
Noone's complaining about your team/playstyle or any specific game. People are complaining about the ability/talent itself. This circumstance you're talking about is pretty messed up. Obviously i wasn't there, or i would have been focussing you (as usual ) Obviously some people need to get slapped into line! :P
Quote: Originally Posted by Michka View Post
You have good individuals on your team, and atm you are suffering from bad class composition
Thanks! We appreciate the compliment. Yeah we are still teaching some people, so mistakes are bound to happen. Our class makeup is also never set, so what we have - we play with.
Quote: Originally Posted by Michka View Post
but I'm seeing a lot of silly mistakes and then hearing a lot of complaining about bubbles that don't seem all that related.
You are completely right. They are, and always have been, 2 diff subjects entirely.
Quote: Originally Posted by Michka View Post
I've won every WZ I've played today, I've not had any cross healing and only played 2 WZs with bubble stuns and the other 6+ games I played without. It made no difference at all to the outcome, and almost every game I played was against people in Seraphic Nexus.
I only played 1 or 2 of those games earlier i think? You're right, those games had nothing to do with bubble stuns. Entirely to do with 6ish FoTM/OP MVP guildies VS. 2-3 of us + awesome pugs (Mrmjratcough)
Quote: Originally Posted by Michka View Post
It's starting to get a bit personal where they are saying stuff in /say at the end of WZs to me about the bubble stuns.
If people are /saying at you, i apologize. If you could let me know, in game, some of these people, i'd like to have a chat to them. As that's not something we encourage or support. I personally would have no hesitation removing them if they're making slanderous insulting comments. That being said - Jwalsh.... /say slander king of warzones. Always good for a lol when he starts talking :P
Quote: Originally Posted by Michka View Post
Bubble stuns may be a problem but there is a lot more your guild could be doing to perform better and compete better, and you guys are starting to see bubbles where there are none. You know scoundrels can't bubble right?
Couldn't agree more. Composition and gear (for some) is definately a defining difference. Gear can be obtained, but we aren't going to force people to play a class/spec that they dont enjoy, just to make a competitive match. Also, scoundrels cant bubble??!!

We appreciate your observations and feedback Dom. You and Mosh are always a blast to talk to

When all is said and done, you guys are on a different time to us (in terms of active time). So it's not really a big deal. Most of our key members are heading to bed as yours are logging on. Hopefully once we finish gearing up some people, and get a team together we're satisfied with, we'll be able to have some good games against you.
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