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OP- Nice post! I don't pvp as much as I once did.....but when i have pvp'ed recently I have been plesently surprised at the speed at which teh "regulars" decimate groups, and also at how well they work togather

It is obvious from what I have seen lately theat there are quite a few people within the pvp community that not only know how to play their charcaters extremly well, but also work incredibly well togather as a group/team.
That's why we flow so well together. MVP is like a little family. You just don't **** with family

That and a lot of our dps like to 1v1 so we just end up dueling hours at a time sometimes to improve each others abilities and turns us into efficient killing machines. dueling isn't only for 1v1s. Learning to smack down classes efficiently helps you out against the ppl who don't just stand still and take it up the butt.(which I don't personally mind doing myself somtimes *wink* *wink*

That aside, enjoy getting railed by 6k lul sweeps while my computer sucks.

Lul sweep spec is good for playing bads while vigi is for playing good. Easy right?!

Luckily so many bads out and about I can play aoe spec and wreck since it doesn't require fast paced movement that my computer can't handle to play.

Actually learned a lot about aoe spec from Kramer by watching him months back since he was the only amazing aoe spec player I knew