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11.18.2012 , 11:51 PM | #1
Like many I returned shortly before F2P to check the game out. However, I have encountered an usual and extremely annoying glitch.

Playing a new smuggler I got him up to the point in Chapter 1 where I have to answer the distress call. However once I click on the icon on the galaxy map, it starts to zoom in, freezes then client crashes. Taking typical troubleshooting steps I verified I have the latest video drivers, ran the repair from the launcher and deleted the DiskCacheArena file.

Nothing fixed the crash but when I deleted the file and restarted I knew it was supposed to just recreate the file. Instead the entire game disappeared. Literally. I clicked the shortcut to launch, it disappeared. Searching for the exe file it said file didn't exist. Checking the file's location the entire Bioware/SWTOR files just poofed. Ran a system restore and nothing.

So now I'm reinstalling the game.


After reinstalling, game still crashes when I try to go to the ship for the distress call mission.