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*rubs face* my must you do this to me?

Was gonna write something long on how stupid this is but decided to keep it short, rude and simple

Being the number one complainer on this game with raged fueled first by 300ms connection and now a computer that gets 5-10 fps a wz forcing me to go into Rage/Focus spec because vigilance/vengeance is too hard to play on this pos cuz its way too much game lag and players skipping around making me dizzy and you can't play vigilance on a game lagging pos computer efficiently event though it seems like it cuz I'm playing better than you, cuz you suck >:I

So being the number one complainer I like to tear apart anything that needs to get nerfed. Atm the only thing I want nerfed is the scoundrel crouch. That's it, my only complaint and it's one of the few reasons I quit my sentinel cuz of the immunity to charge while theyre crouched. That aside, Hold the **** up. Are you serious?!??! We're complaining about a damn blind bubble? Lmao, when Labby was playing for you I nvr in my life complained about that thing. The blind bubble is a complete joke

The master of the damn blind bubble is the sorceror from NS who returned recently and I'm having a brain fart on his name. When I first played the spec on my guardian he was squish and actually fun to try and kill. Only till I played him on my sentinel did I really realize he wasn't only good but he was a beaaaaaaast due to losing a lot of abilities that my guardian had. Now that he's back and I'm playing my guardian I can't kill him anymore cuz my computer is too crappy and it makes me sad cuz he was actually a challenge and I enjoyed playing him. If youre reading this computer will come in mail soon and we can enjoy our confrontations again but atm enjoy easily kiting me . Anyways, why don't you just grab him(his name will pop up in here soon I'm sure) and do ranked with him orrrrr we'll just play without Labby. Either or, we win, like always.

Everyone's been getting along lately but now with this crap that you've gone and put? Basing our slaughterings on blind bubbles? Screw that. We don't even get on vent for ranked anymore cuz everyone is a complete joke and takes no effort to beat.

QQ 2 second stun on a 20 second cd that can be ranged down if not, obliterated through. You act like shes standing on 3 different sections of a map at a time. I'm sorry she's not casting the bubble on 8 ppl every 20 seconds cuz were split up through the map. That would just be you getting wrecked without bubbles and complain about the one that happened to stun you in the entire game.

"don't worry guys, if they didn't have blind bubbles we wouldn't have gotten 3 capped like that an entire game. As soon as blind bubbles get nerfed, we'll easily beat em"

^^^ is that the kind of crap you tell yourselves?

***** ridiculous and embarrassing

Whoops guess it did turn into something long on how stupid this is