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No, an option for US or Ocenaic transfers would just dilute the player base further, we need a consolidation not a dissipation.
In regards to cross server, I do not want that at all except for Ranked Warzones.
one of the things that is great about this game is the server communities, something that WOW killed to the great detriment of that game.
I know many many pvpers on Master D specifically because I have fought with and against them many times.
In cross server pvp its an endless stream of randoms.

Keep the community feel, keep the pvp and LFG server only just make sure the server has the critical mass of players to make it viable. Ranked pvp should open up to Cross server eventually as its a competition.
1. Not giving the open-pvp players the option to go to a PvP server and forcing them to go to a PvE server is just going to piss them off and make them quit. So what dilution are you talking about when players ragequit?

2. What server community are you talking about when there is already none? What is the difference between a server community that is physically a merger of 3 former servers vs 3 servers sharing the same community? Doesn't make sense.