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This pretty much hits the nail on the head; I really thought that spec was astounding Tox when you brought it to the server, thought it was the best thing to give sorcs a bit more survivability but after seeing how MVPís ranked team managed to use it as an extra stun for their class by clicking it off and positioning themselves before hand to maximise the people who get stunned by it I realised the exploit it had become.

It brings the game to a halt and takes out any aspect of a competitive match. While I know you have told all our sorcs how to use the spec none of them like it, they feel it can be abused too easily and donít want that poor conduct on their name.

We did manage to get one Sorc into it ready for a ranked match with MVP hoping we could show you the error of the spec before Bioware fixes its resolve but the majority of our ranked team lives in New Zealand so come 9-9:30pm our Guild departs for the night.
Idk about the rest of my team, but personally, I have never once in my entire life clicked off the bubble for the stun. (More out of my own laziness and bad play than on some moral stance ) I get the feeling that your problems with Zanshiri are a lot more personal and drama whatnot than simply a spec issue, and I'm not even gonna go there, but if you wanna just relax n' stuff and get along for just a moment, here's what I see when I play your team in ranked.

You have an extremely melee heavy team, and for myself, being able to carelessly throw out a grenade/flash grenade just wherever and confidently hit 4+ people on your team with it everytime is your larger problem. Half of your team is easily CCable and easily kiteable. Take away the stun bubble and it'd be slightly more work for me to do it, but still easily managable and I do it all the time against pug groups like that in regular WZs since I generally run regular WZs with no cross healing at all and do fine.

It's unfortunate if that's simply the only group composition you can throw together atm, we are lucky in MVP currently that the team of people who are generally online also have a pretty good class synergy.

But may I ask how you guys choose your focus targets? I genuinely know very little about stuff from a dps perspective because healing is pretty much all I've ever really done in significant amount in the game, but I can tell you at least from my own experience that you guys make it very easy for me to do what I do, stun bubbles or not.

For example in one Novare Coast against you, Seis and I were guarding a node and he had a guard on me (Zanshiri was at a different node, so you can't complain about her bubbles in this situation.) You guys all attacked Seis. I was left completely alone to stand there and do w/e I wanted. Idk if you figured you couldn't kill me with a guard on, so Seis had to be killed first (and that's possibly true, Idk) but I can tell you that I'm pretty much not ever letting Seis die if I'm allowed to just sit there and chill and free cast and whatnot, and he's the only one taking damage. You should have had 1 decent dps switch to me and just hassle me with CC's/interrupts so I couldn't help him as well, have the rest of the dps clean up Seis and then deal with me after. Why did that never happen? I got to free cast pretty much that whole game, not that I mind! Like I said Zanshiri was nowhere at that node, and so if stun bubbles were the exclusive reason your team is losing to us, why couldn't you kill us there and take the node when she wasn't even around?

You have good individuals on your team, and atm you are suffering from bad class composition, but I'm seeing a lot of silly mistakes and then hearing a lot of complaining about bubbles that don't seem all that related. I've won every WZ I've played today, I've not had any cross healing and only played 2 WZs with bubble stuns and the other 6+ games I played without. It made no difference at all to the outcome, and almost every game I played was against people in Seraphic Nexus. It's starting to get a bit personal where they are saying stuff in /say at the end of WZs to me about the bubble stuns, when in most of the games I healed against people in your guild with no sage in my group and no cross healing of any kind and won. Bubble stuns may be a problem but there is a lot more your guild could be doing to perform better and compete better, and you guys are starting to see bubbles where there are none. You know scoundrels can't bubble right?
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