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11.18.2012 , 10:25 PM | #39
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The Entitlement Generation seems to want everything for free.
Yes, they want it for free- hence why it was asked for a pass that gives access to one part of the game should be much cheaper than a sub that gives full access and only costs a few bucks more currently.

But I'm sure you, in all your capitalistic wisdom, can explain why you believe that taking a product that isn't doing well (SWTOR) and releasing a very unappealing f2p model that won't attract new consumers is going to turn it around? Oh, you can't, that's right- because it won't, because it never does.

Guess what- a million new players willing to fork over only 5 dollars a month is going to be a lot better than 50k new players forking over 15.

But please- continue the mindless biodroning that you've so gallantly defended this game's decisions for months with as they botched what should have been a million+ sub game for years.