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To my Beloved,

Two. Do you know the importance of that number? I do. I hold it very close to my heart. Two is the amount of in-game tickets I have submitted in regards to this issue. Zero. Do you know the importance of that number? Zero is the number of responses, automated or otherwise, that I have received concerning my problem.

BioWare, you and I have a complicated relationship. In fact, you have thrown dozens of women at me, begging for me to sleep with them, for simply complimenting them (I'm looking at you Mass Effect 1 & 2). I want this to work out between us, babe, I really do. But, we are having severe communication problems.

My problem is that I enjoy this game, and I am a proactive subscriber. Months ago when you looked me in the eyes with those beautiful glowing globes of yours, and you said, "Honey, we are offering free server transfers. Please, if you transfer to 'The Harbinger' now, you can enjoy a higher population server, and it will make the coming merges that much easier for us to perfrom.". I looked back, longingly and whispered, "Of course BioBuns. I would do anything for you.", but love came at a cost.

I was asked to change one of my characters names. It was hard at first. It was harder than hard. It was heartbreaking, yet I endured. For us! I understood that I was a foreigner coming to a new server, and it was not my place to steal another players name (That wench!). After a long coping process I had come to terms with my new life, on my new server with you, my love. Then, disaster struck!

The prophecy was fulfilled, and the server merges began. I believe myself and our love together to be safe, because I had already taken the initiative to transfer to 'The Harbinger' I thought there would be no naming issues this time around. In the end there was. All of the characters on my account that I transferred from 'The Jek Jek Tarr' to 'The Harbinger' were supposed to be safe from this catastrophe, but they apparently were not. My Jedi Knight, "Durai", is in an unplayable state, comatose if you will, because the server is telling me that I must change his name.

Excuse me a moment while I gather my self...

This is my third plea to you! Why? Why have you forsaken me? Why must my character, who stayed on the server that I transferred to by choice have to change his name when he wasn't the one who moved this time? He's been on the same server since he moved the first time, and now I am being told that someone else has some how taken his name? WITCHCRAFT I SAY!


P.S. Why don't you guys at least send out an automated e-mail saying something about the two in-game tickets that I submitted! You guys are jerk faces! It's been almost a month, probably more, how ever long would make you feel guilty is how long it has been!