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11.18.2012 , 10:13 PM | #38
Normal mmos that go f2p will actually make it worthwhile for people who just want to do one part of the game- like pvp- who are willing to pay some money but don't want a sub. That's because they've realized their game isn't doing well as a sub model and want f2p players to feel like valuable customers too.

This f2p model doesn't do that if you take even a bare minimum look at the prices. To only get one aspect of the game- and still suffer from all sorts of penalties (credit limit, increased cost to buy gear with tokens) as well as have to pay for some necessary features (like being able to wear purples)- you're paying almost as much per month as a subscriber while getting a tiny fraction of what they get.

Sure- on the surface that might seem like it would encourage people to get subs... but frankly, this game ALREADY FAILED with a sub system- what we now have is still a sub system but with a long demo.

After over half a year of non stop arrogance from BW and refusal to listen to anyone while their numbers plummeted- they pull this? It looks like they haven't learned, and they're not trying.

BW- seriously, smarten up, make a real f2p system that actually makes it feel like a good idea to be a f2p member and be paying for the things they like to do. Face it- your customers largely don't want to pay subs, we've had close to a year now to learn that, so stop acting like they do- you need to realize that having 500k subs and 1.5 million customers paying around 5 dollars a month on average to get access to what they like- such as pvp or operations- is going to be much better than having a tiny increase in subs (if that even happens) and a f2p crowd that realizes how huge a rip off this game is and leave in the same disgust they left the game in after 1.2 hit.