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Aber auch dazu gibt es neue Infos. So hat das Datamining der Seite mal wieder etwas zu Tage gefördert. Dort wurde bei der Untersuchung der Gegenstände aus dem Kartellmarkt das Item "Kapitel 4: Aufstieg des Hutten-Kartells" gesichtet, welches dieses Kapitel für alle Spieler eines Accounts freischaltet. Kapitel 4 legt damit nahe, dass wir auf Makeb neben dem neuen Gebiet und einer damit einhergehenden Level-Cap-Erhöhung das nächste Kapitel unserer Klassenstory erleben dürfen.

While examining all the items that you can buy in the Cartel Market (cash shop that is getting introduced with the free to play option for SWTOR) we came across one very interesting item:

In our opinion, this means that the next content patch will bring the fourth chapter in our character’s story and it will be called Rise of the Hutt Cartel. For those of us closely following Star Wars: The Old Republic this comes as no surprise. During our interview at Gamescom 2012 we were told by both Jeff Hickman, Executive Producer of SWTOR (watch the interview here), and Gabe Amatangelo, Principal Lead PvP Designer (watch the interview here), that the next content we can expect will be happening on a new planet Makeb and that it will be bringing the continuation of our personal story. We will try and find out more information about this next content patch and we’ll update this article as new information becomes available. Here’s what we know right now:

New Chapter will be happening on a new planet – Makeb
It will be unlockable in the Cartel Market
There might be same sex romance options present (source – Gabe Amatangelo interview)
Level cap might be raised (speculated because when Makeb was first announced level 55 cap was mentioned)
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