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Quote: Originally Posted by DarkhorseForLife View Post
8m NiM EC is easier. It's not debatable. It's not even close. It's more difficult by almost an entire order of magnitude. If you want to talk TFB HM then the first, second, fourth, and fifth bosses in 16m in TFB HM were also more difficult on 16m. The only fight easier on 16m in TFB was Operator.

If you think differently:

1. Haven't stepped into the zone on 16m
2. Want to make yourself feel better about your 8m team

Contrary to popular belief, we know this because we literally have 5 progression raid groups that have stepped foot into the zone (4 on 8m, 1 on 16m), not because we are a "B" team. Sorry, but some of the postulations here are sad troll attempts at best.
Experienced 16 TFB HM for myself, the only boss that's more difficult is the last one, stop absolutizing, please. But I will not say anything about 16 EC NiM, that may never happen on TOFN Empire side. Gotta love this perennial whine about 16 v 8 ... you guys do realize not even the almighty WoW comes close to balancing 25 v 10? They've only tried to do that for years and years, and the raiding community there also whines constantly about it. Nothing is resolved there, why do you think whining here will resolve anything?