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/facepalm im sorry guys, i need to stop you here and call you bads, as much as i love you all, clicking off the bubble does not stun you, i have tested this multiple times BUT what does stun you is if the bubble buff expires NATURALLY.

The bubble stun is incredibly easy to deal with as a warrior, if you;re not a derp smash rage build, juggernauts have unstopabble on force leap, no issue there, and marauders, in carnage spec, do a leap-.gore-.side step->scream combo to break bubble and close in for the kill

Powertechs dps at 10m no issue there, assasins need to use discharge and shock to break bubble before moving in for the kill. , deception sins can easilyget 2 calirvoyant srikes off without the bubble breaking and move 5m to use shock and come back its so frikin easy.

TL: DR: dont be a derpsmasher play a different spec.

video guide: FOR marauders at 2:23 - 2:47
watch that and tell me clicking it off doesn't work

as to dealing with it i have no problems myself but god do baddies have problems with it

EDIT; i was mid posting before i saw Czevak post, they are the same video
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