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Is that suppossed to happen? I unlock recipes, or whatever you call them (3 blues and 1 purple), and they disappear on me, not giving me the option to craft them.

Is that how it's suppossed to be?
Yes I had this happen to me today. I reverse engineered some blasters resulting in three (3) different prototype recipes. I sent my comps on some missions and got mats to make one of these prototype blasters and successfully created one.

I logged out. Did some RL errands and had supper.

I logged back in and all three (3) prototype recipes I had learned earlier in the day where *gone*

I still have the prototype blaster I created however, sitting in my inventory. The info on the item says it was made by me. Since I cannot have created it without the recipe it (imo) is proof enough that something erroneous occured since I could not have created it otherwise.

I submitted a ticket regarding this problem.

I will update this thread if/when I get a response.

... UPDATE !!
... As promised here is the response I received 3 days later (A PFO form letter) ::

Ticket Number 6854061 : Closed

SWTOR CSR: Thank you for submitting a Bug Report! Bug reports will not receive a response as they are automatically forwarded to Quality Assurance.

IF YOU NEED ADDITIONAL HELP beyond your initial bug report, please submit a new Help Ticket under another category to reach a Customer Service Agent. Otherwise, you will not be contacted further regarding this issue.

Thank you for the report and for playing Star Wars: The Old Republic!

... or in other words "Fine, you told us it's broken. We've added your input to a mountain of other issues we don't care about. Now please shut up and go away. Thank you."
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