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11.18.2012 , 07:29 PM | #17
For some strange reason there seems to be 2 accounts for her e-mail.

We managed to set a sub up, it has all her details. Password, secret questions and the like but the account name has changed to one of my old ones for Origin.

Trying to explain the awkward ... It's not upgraded her free account rather it's "set up a new one" under one of my old Origin names using her password and secret details. It's all a bit strange but it's worked.

We won't complain about losing her character, it was only level 10 but she now has a subbed account.

Thanks for the help though, sorry to add to your workload.

Edit for stupidity .... It was my fault.

When I entered for beta the e-mail she is now using was a joint one and the one I use was for gaming. Seems I entered for beta on both e-mails and it's that account that has now upgraded.

Incredibly sorry for wasting your time. My memory aint what it used to be and I didn't remember that until she brought it up.