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This is an ancient problem dating back to games much older than SWTOR.

Warzones/battlegrounds/arenas/whatever the hell you want to call them, will always be massively unbalanced as long as you put PUGs vs. premades. There's no way around that. The only reason games like DAOC got away with it is because there was no instanced PvP. Instead there was one massive open world where the sky was the limit. Those days are long gone and I doubt they'll ever be coming back. The only viable solution is to implement two different types of non-ranked queues, solo and premade. That way PUGs will always queue vs. PUGs(or at least pug-ish, at least you won't be able to reliably get in the same WZ with your guildees) and premades vs. premades. The only other option would be to remove premades from non-ranked entirely, which wouldn't go over very well with the community(though it would do wonders for ranked PvP). Until developers like EABioware(really just EA, Bioware no longer really exists), Blizzard, and arenanet get that through their thick, greedy, incompetent skulls, instanced PvP will always be less than enjoyable for the solo gamer. You'll hear lots of BS like "MMOs mean you play with other ppl!" or "Make your own friends and your own premade!", but all that really means is "I want you to PvP the way I want to PvP and you're not allowed to PvP the way you want to unless I say so". This is just a lack of options, which most gamers are not a fan of. Should we be forced into premades just to be competitive in a noncompetitive format or should we have the freedom to choose between solo and premade? Until EABioware answers that question, I refuse to queue with less than 4, one of which is a dedicated healer(and someone with OP stun bubble).
Explain why a solo/group split queue is better than a flexible (and improved) matchmaking system that prioritized matching premade to premade, pug to pug, or an equal pug/premade mix, yet remained flexible enough to keep queue times relatively short, and had the ability to fill/backfill from the solo (or 2 man) pool?

Until you can explain how an exclusive system is better than an inclusive system, then there is a fallacy in your "Only one solution" is for lack of a better word... childish. It is essentially "My way or the highway" as you've accused premaders of. And once again, -you- do not have to gear up, group up or L2P to play... but you do have to use all tools and advantages to win.