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"No" they said "sages can not protect themselves! They are weak and the only time they should not be helpless is when they have a big strong tank around to guard them!"

She was one of the few, not many others had heard of this wonderful thing known as defensive abilities.
The ignorance posted here is overwhelming... If it was only a "defensive ability" for you, it wouldnt be a problem. But it gives your whole team a free, instant, on demand, 3 second AOE hard stun that doesn't respect the GCD, and doesn't add the correct ammt of resolve. Oh, and has a 17 sec CD?

Noone is saying that Sorcs/Sages dont need this as a defensive CD, or that the bubbles blind should be removed. It's the fact that it's now a hard stun and only adds the resolve of a Mez, and that it can be cast on your whole team and clicked off at will for the stun. Its the fact that it turns your whole team into a mass stun team.

BW know it isn't adding the correct ammt of resolve. They know it's turning sub par teams all over the place into unkillable stun machines. And it's just a matter of time before the ability gets fixed.

Allow me to elaborate in a form you may understand:

There once was a boy from St. Kilda,
Who found a baddy bubble healer and killed her,
Her seven teammates then bubble stunned his entire team for the rest of the game,
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