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@Chaqen: In order to practice the fights while we're waiting for 16 people to log on we break down into an 8 man group. During the hour and a half of practice time, we killed toth and zorn twice with one group, and two more times with 6 different people swapped in. (Then /stuck on the handler)

Toth and zorn on 8 man hit like flowers, comparatively. Then, on 16 NiM, Firebrand and Stormcaller make Toth and Zorn's damage almost negligible.

My guild has proven that 8 man is much easier.

@Donalj: We run 16 man because we can clear 8 man with ease. No, Messores Republicae would probably not be world first in 8 man, but 8 man is not enough of a challenge.
We do not care about epeen. We just want to be able to chew on something. 16 man NiM EC is the challenge that HARDCORE raiders, the ones that hoped this game would be better than WoW, want and crave so badly! We will stay in 16 man. This is where the top raiders belong. Screw gear, we want challenges.
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