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I really don' understand the logic, for ex, a tick of Kolto Probe heals me 800 HP and every 3s, is it really that important to have 500 HP over 3s every 20s....if the healer is missing 500 HP over 20s, then I am going to survive very long anyway....

Compared to have, lets say, DG Boundless Age, to keep my aggro high with FL with 3 HD and Energize.....
Best in slot for tanks is generally considered to be the gear which maximizes survivability. The proc heal relic does exactly that. You can go with the activated power relic if you want, but that's not best in slot. It's an off-beat, albeit mostly viable gear choice, but not best in slot. What you are suggesting is analogous to wearing a piece of DPS gear to improve threat, rather than sticking with all tanking mods.

Threat is a non-issue for assassin/shadow tanks. Go with the proc heal. It contributes substantially to overall survivability.
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