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Healer and clicker, I tried the other way, but I am just better as a clicker. Now on dps, I do use key binds, but healing to me is easier and faster as a clicker.
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The only major pet peeve that marks a bad player is during or after a wipe and some idiot asks "what happened?" Pay attention to what's going on around you, the answer to that question is usually pretty obvious.
Wow I am a bad player thenÖ We donít wipe too often, but if someone in the group dies I do ask what happen, since it was my responsibility to keep them alive. I want to know if I missed something that will make me a better healer the next time through. If I wasnít at fault then at least the person explaining it is talking to me and hopefully the person that made the mistake is listening/reading and will correct that error next time. I have seen people go from around 100% health to zero, so I want to know what I can do to make myself better prepared to handle that kind of damage. If wanting to always get better and not having the luxury of running around the instance sightseeing make me a bad player, then I am the worse. I pay attention to where I am standing and make sure I am not in AoEs, but I canít see what happening to the entire group every moment and still be in range of everyone and watching health bars too.

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Keybinding core abilities is faster than clicking, regardless of whether it's "necessary" or not.
Caught me, I do use keybind on a few abilities with my healer.