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11.18.2012 , 02:58 PM | #3137
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Share in a capacity that can in no way be linked back to you?

Also, beta test? As in pre-PTS release?
More like I'll try say if the writing is as good as OGRs (once they okay sharing the info that SGRs are in that patch) and leave it at that.

Anything else, I'd be risking a perma-ban, which I certainly don't want. If there is a really serious NDA in effect, I'll do what I can to inform you guys, and it probably won't be much. I hope I can at least share that it'll be in that patch. To say this thread/this community is owed this even this crumb of info is a huge understatement.

Beta was a poor choice of a word Mea Culpa. I meant more once it hits the PTS.