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11.18.2012 , 02:39 PM | #11
It is not cheap because it is what the utility is designed to do. If you duel good operatives, they can simply cc you and heal up to full, is that cheap? If you duel a marauder they can get immunity from damage while dealing tons of damage at the same time, is that cheap? If you duel a jug, they can regain a bunch of hp back instantly, is that cheap? Or a sorc, and they are smart enough to run away, let dot drop, instant whirlwind and heal up to full? You get the point.

Take a duel with a good lightning/hybrid sorc that has instant whirlwind, I will take the 4 second cc because I am so scared that they will do instant whirlwind and I save my cc break for that. This previous situation is based on a duel in either full madness or deception/mad hybrid. Of course, everything is easy mode in tank spec....not worth talking about.

And frankly, it is not hard to counter, for any class that has a knockback, just do the knockback right after stealth to pop out. Yea, while force shroud may prevent that, but stars don't always align. Against certain classes you are forced to use force shroud on certain situation, for example, saving it while dueling a tank sin for their 3 stack harness cast. Not to mention classes that can cc you and heal (same thing) and classes that can scan you right after you pop stealth. I have tried this strat countless times on good scanning friend of mine, he insta scan every time I go stealth and there is simply no way to get away from that.