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Ok, just cleared 2nd boss in 16 man and let me say it was an experience, and a good one at that. This is one of the first times we have had any issues other than bugs. Toth & Zorn was a great fight but in regards to difficulty nowhere near as hard as tanks. The fights themselves aren't too hard but require everyone in the team to be on their A game and no one can slack since 1 mistake can and most likely will wipe the entire raid. Looking forward to the difficulty of Kephess now

The only issue i have is that during the 8 hours we spent getting tries on the first and 2nd boss, 8 man guilds cleared the ENTIRE instance. Not even just the first 3 bosses, but everything. The difference in difficulty between the 2 is just unacceptable. The lack of distinction between the two in rewards just makes 16 man completely pointless other than the recognition (even on our server no one sees any difference between 16 man and 8 man) this makes me think in the same way as some of the people in MoX, what is the point of doing 16 man after you have cleared it when it is much harder and there is nothing extra to be gained?
You ever take the time to think that the people in those 8 man raids played better as a raid group then your 16 man raid? It has already been proven that the dps checks in 16 man raids are lower then 8 man, i imagine the hps that are needed on a clean run (if alot of people taking extra damage then yes you will need more heals on 16 man) are less then what is needed on 8 man.

There use to be quite a few good 16 man guilds out there, but the majority of them left the game due to the easiness of it. I imagine that a great amount of what is left of 16 man guild's rosters are players that would most likely be on a B team, and not a progression.