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Just to reply to a couple of stupid responses.

1 - this is a forum about Star Wars and their games. SWG was one of those games
2 - You cant compare subs from 2003 to 2011 because access to PCs and broadband was still an issue for some.

For those of you who weren't around, never played/heard of SWG, you simply will never understand just how loved that game was. Why? For the majority(myself included) it was my very first MMO and simply HUGE in scale - probably too big.

Despite all the problems with NGE and then bringing back some of the old features(thanks Jake Neri for that!), it still lasted a good 8 years as a PAID to play MMO. No, free to play, no two tiered subscription base.

Unlike SWTOR, SWG was hyped a lot but nothing like SWTOR, which ultimately leads to disappointment. And for those of you still bashing SWG v SWTOR - here is a crystal clear fact.

SWTOR has gone in the history books as losing the fastest amount of subs in record time - some 1.4 million inside 6 months. Which clearly shows that the game wasn't what people thought it would be. SWG actually increased its user base within the first 2 months of play.